Some recycled and gifted walnut is reluctantly cooperating with me as I attempt to conjure up some chunky medicine cabinets. Some of it was in the cutoff bin at a local workshop. The wild grain and knots may have been better suited for an art piece than straight lines and right angles. The rest was a gift from my father in law. Most of that is light brown/red heart wood.

We have been remodeling our bathroom for the last month. We’ve set a deadline for ourselves and its gonna be tight.

The cabinets are simple boxes. I’m reusing the ex-bathroom cabinet’s mirrored doors. I decided to install an outlet inside both of them so we can hide our beauty machines. I chose to go with adjustable shelf pegs spaced 1″ apart. When I realized how much easier laying them out and drilling them with the ShopBot would be, my mind was set.

I quickly laid out my peg holes and outlet box openings and within 20 minutes I had 4 perfectly symmetrical cabinets sides. No single use jigs. No single-tasking drill bit. No human error or slip of the drill. Next year when I need four or 40 more, I’m 10 minutes away from production.