Round and Oval Picture Frames


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We make many different standard size picture frames out of hardwood (red oak) and MDF. The standard sizes are listed here. I take custom orders as well. Custom frames sizes are generally 40% over the next smallest standard size.

Allow 3 weeks for construction and shipping.

The frames are approximately 15/16″ thick, 1.5″ wide, and have a 3/8″ wide x 3/8″ deep groove on the back to accept the piece of art.

Here is a cross-section for clarity.

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6" Round, 8" Round, 10" Round, 12" Round, 14" Round, 16" Round, 18" Round, 20" Round, 22" Round, 24" Round, 26" Round, 28" Round, 30" Round, 32" Round, 34" Round, 36" Round, 38" Round, 40" Round, 42" Round, 4"x8" Oval, 8"x12" Oval, 12"x16" Oval, 16"x20" Oval


Red Oak, MDF